Trespass Thomas Dooley
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“Dooley’s delicate, interweaving language affords the reader a new glimpse at every turn. Divided into three sections, with just over 50 poems, this frankly and openly erotic collection brings readers to the streets of the neighborhood and the home’s closets, where family members are exposed to sexual releases and punishments…A masterful debut.” – Booklist

“Tender, nuanced, angry, and answerless, Dooley’s poems concerning his father and aunt are a brief testament to the power of writing about tragedy and taboo with empathy and disbelief.” – Publishers Weekly

“Dooley employs an impressively forensic eye in delineating his family narrative. To detail that narrative would be to deprive the reader the pleasure of the poems’ thousand small cuts, whose craft is the achievement of Trespass.” – Lambda Literary

“In many ways, we have an ideal first book here. There are intimations of crackling range and depth well suited to the task at hand, dredging and redredging calcified shocks and crises with singular focus.” – Coldfront